General Membership Information


General Membership Information

Handicaps are required to play in Ladies' Days, Ladies' Tournaments, Men's Days, Men's Tournaments, Quebec Golf Association events, Ottawa Valley Golf Association events, and Canadian Ladies' Golf Association events. A minimum of five rounds of 18 holes is required to establish a handicap. Each member will maintain their own handicap. This service is computerized with instruction available upon request. The members handicapping terminal is located in the Pro Shop.


All members are assigned a booking code. You will keep the same code from year to year. The code is used to access your handicap account on the computer system. When you call to book a tee time you will be asked for your booking code. New members will not receive a booking code until they have played their first round of the season.


Our current booking policy is three days. This means you may book up to three days in advance not counting the current day. For example: on Monday you may book times for Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday. As with every rule, there are exceptions. The two exceptions are: 1) Ladies' Day and Men's Day times may be booked up to seven days in advance provided the times are used to participate in these events and 2) long weekends...we will permit players to book for the Tuesday on a Friday to allow you to span the long weekend if you are a Weekday Only Member.


Charge accounts are not available. We accept Visa, Interact and American Express.

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Competitions Explained

This is usually a 2 person team event. Player A will begin the hole by teeing off. Player B will hit the second shot. Player A will hit the third shot and this alternating of strokes will continue until the ball is holed out. To begin the next hole, player B will tee-off and the above mentioned procedure will be repeated.


This refers to a team event which may comprise of 2, 3 or 4 players. Each member of a team plays his/her own ball for the entire hole and the lowest score (gross or net depending upon the competition) would be recorded at each hole. The total for the complete round would be the team's best-ball score


Typically, a social event where a regular golf ball is substituted for a plastic ball which glows in the dark. Obviously the play begins in the dark and the format of choice varies but usually a mixed alternate shot is selected. Ordinarily the winners of a regular mixed alternate shot event are the teams with the lowest score. However, many teams "misplace" their glow balls during the round and are unable to complete the event which in turns results in disqualification. Hence, the winners of most mixed glowball events are the teams who can finish the round without losing their glowball.


Two players play head to head. Total strokes are not important. The winner is based on who wins the most holes. The match is over when one player is ahead by more holes than the number of holes remaining.


All members of a team tee off. After selecting the best shot of the group, the team goes to the selected ball where everyone hits a second shot. Before hitting a shot, the selected ball is marked and lifted provided the ball of choice does not lie in a hazard.* In an order determined by the team, each individual may place their ball within one club length of the marker and hit a second shot. This procedure is continued until the players reach the green. Once a ball is selected on the green, it may be marked and lifted and each player may putt within 6" of the marker. Remember, once a ball is holed, play of that hole is finished; therefore, if a ball is left within inches of the hole, do not tap it in because the stroke counts and your fellow teammates do not have a chance to putt for a lower score. * if a selected ball lies within a hazard (sand bunker, water hazard, etc.) it may not be marked or lifted. The owner of the ball must play the first shot and everyone else must recreate a lie as close as possible to the original.


A form of stroke play competition in which points are allocated based on the score (gross or net depending upon the competition) of each hole. For example, throughout a round, one point would be received for every bogey made, two points for every par, three points for every birdie, etc. The winner is the player who scores the highest number of points.


The most common form of play used. The number of actual strokes taken by a player in a stipulated round if referred to as the gross score. A gross score is your final score without any handicap adjustments. Your net score is your gross score minus your handicap.

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The Slope System - How it works and how it affects your handicap
What is the Slope System?

The Slope System is a refinement of the RCGA handicap system. It adjusts your handicap to the difficulty of the course you play. The more difficult the course, the more strokes you'll need. The purpose of the Slope System is to make the game of golf more enjoyable by enabling golfers of different abilities to compete on an equitable basis.

Canadian courses have been re-rated according to their relative difficulty for all levels of golfers, not just the experts. The Slope System adjusts a golfer's handicap to the course that is being played. That's why it is called Slope - because when you post the scores on a graph, the line climbs on a slope. The Slope of a more difficult course is steeper than an easier course, meaning that high handicappers pick up more strokes than better players.

• RCGA Handicap Factor - under Slope, golfers no longer have a handicap. Instead, golfers have an Factor, a number expressed in the form of a whole number and a decimal fraction (14.2, 19.3, 20.5, etc.) that represents the potential ability of a player on a course of standard difficulty (i.e., a course with a 113 Slope rating). Your Factor isn't your handicap; it simply leads you to the Handicap Table where you'll find your Course Handicap from the set of tees you will use. A maximum Factor allowed is 36.4 for men and 40.4 for women.

THINK Factor!

• course handicap table - is a chart that converts an RCGA Handicap Factor to a Course Handicap based on the RCGA Slope Rating. There are even separate tables for men and women from different sets of tees, so please be sure to use the correct table for the tees from which you choose to play.

• adjusted gross score - a player's gross score adjusted under RCGA Handicap System procedures for unfinished holes, conceded strokes, holes not played or not played under the Rules of Golf, or adjusted under Equitable Stroke Control (ESC). You cannot adjust your gross score unless you have an established handicap Factor.

• Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) - the downward adjustment of individual hole scores for handicap purposes only in order to make handicaps more representative of a player's potential ability.  ESC is a maximum number that a player can post on any hole depending on the player's Course Handicap.  ESC is used only when a player is actual or most likely score exceeds his/her maximum number based on the table below:

Use your course handicap. If it is:

Plus or scratch
- Limit of one over par on any one hole
1 to 18 inclusive
- Limit of two over par
19 to 32 inclusive
- Limit of three over par
33 or over
- Limit of four over par


• RCGA Course Rating - the evaluation of the playing difficulty of a course for 0-handicap golfers under normal course and weather conditions. Located on the scorecard.

• RCGA Slope Rating - a measure of the relative playing difficulty of a course for players who are not 0-handicap golfers. The lowest Slope is 55, and the highest Slope is 155. A golf course of standard playing difficulty would have an RCGA Slope Rating of 113.

What is the Course Handicap?

Whenever someone asks, "What is your handicap?", the proper response would be, "I don't have a handicap; my Factor is ____." Before you can determine what your course handicap is for any given round, you must know:

• your Factor    • the course you will be playing and    • the set of tees you'll be playing

Courses that have been Slope rated will have conversion charts (located near the first tee or in the golf shop) for each set of tee markers. Your course handicap will appear on the chart beside your Factor, for the course and tees you are playing.

What do I need to know? Two things only: your Factor and how to convert that Factor to a course handicap on the conversion chart.

What if I play a course without a Slope rating? Use you home course handicap from the tees you frequently use. What if someone without an Factor comes to my course? They use their RCGA approved handicap only. Do not use the conversion chart unless the person has an RCGA approved Factor.

What if I have questions? If you have any other questions, check with the Golf Shop. We are pleased to help. Madawaska Course ratings and Slope ratings are located on the scorecard.

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A handicap Factor established on the golf course's computer handicapping program is required by every person wishing to participate in club tournaments. Each participant will compete with the handicap Factor which he/she had established by the Sunday of the event, excluding team events.

Entry fees will ONLY be accepted in the Pro Shop prior to the closing date. Upon a member paying the entry fee, they will be given a receipt which will indicate whom he/she paid and what tournament was paid for. Tokens or gift certificates may not be used to enter club events. They are for use in the Clubhouse and Pro Shop for merchandise and services.

Notice of all tournaments will be posted 2 weeks prior to the event date and will be located in the clubhouse. The closing date for all tournaments will be the Wednesday prior to the event date at 10:00 p.m. The draw will be posted on the Thursday prior to the event date at approximately 12:00 p.m.

Telephone entries will NOT be accepted.


After the above mentioned closing date, people wanting to enter will be put on a waiting list. After being put on a waiting list, there will be 3 ways one "could" still get into a tournament.

1) if someone cancels out of the event.

2) if a vacant spot is available, all attempts will be made to accommodate a last minute entry.

3) if the individual wants to come out of the day of the tournament and replace an individual who does not show up.


In the event a tournament must be rescheduled due to inclement weather, a redraw will occur. This will allow the opportunity for new players to enter into the event. Players who have already registered, will be automatically entered into the rescheduled tournament. However, those players not wishing to participate in the rescheduled event will be reimbursed provided they make their intention known before the new closing date.


If an individual has registered for a tournament (paid his/her entry fee) and must withdraw from the event, they will be reimbursed the full amount paid PROVIDED it is before the closing date listed above. If the cancellation occurs after the above mentioned closing date, no refund will be administered. If a participant is not present on the date of a tournament and does not give notice prior to the date of a tournament, this may lead to dismissal from further events. Dismissal from further events will be under the discretion of the tournament official.


The Madawaska Golf Course is a member of the Quebec Golf Association (Q.G.A.), the Ottawa Valley Golf Association (O.V.G.A) and the Canadian Ladies' Golf Association (C.L.G.A.). All members of our club that have established handicaps can participate in these events. Other clubs often host various events that our members are invited to as well. Watch for the sign-up sheets posted in the clubhouse on the bulletin boards, paying specific attention to deadline dates. Always ensure that you are familiar with the dress code prior to attending these events and that you have your Factor/Handicap verified on a Q.G.A. card at the Pro Shop.

Registration for these events:

OVGA /QGA / CLGA and all outside tournaments - Completed by registering online by each individual, at the hosting tournament website.

Other Events - please pay in the Pro Shop.

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Men's Day


A Men's Day will be held each Thursday from the beginning of May until the middle of September (unless otherwise specified). All men with established handicaps are invited to take part. Please know your handicap when registering. Gift certificates or tokens may not be used for entry.

Golfers may play their 9-hole Honey Pot round any time after the Pro Shop opens; however, golfers must make their intention known and pay their $4.00 entry fee at the Pro Shop before playing.

Groups with starting times will have precedence over those who do not. Do not worry if you do not have a group to play with. Register in the golf shop and you will be worked in with another player or group.

The first 9 holes played (front nine only) by every participant counts as your Men's Day Score and each player must play with at least one other person entered into the event. This means, if a golfer plays in the morning, either before or after the golf shop opens and does not enter Men's Day he is no longer eligible to enter into Men's Day later on during the day.

Golfers are responsible for reporting their scores to the Pro Shop before 8:40 p.m. Scores reported after 8:40 p.m. will not be entered into the competition. Please hand your score in after #9 or #11 if you don't think you'll finish in time.

The field is divided into 4 Handicap Flights: "A" 0-10, "B", 11-15, "C" 16-20, and "D" 21-36.

Prize presentations commencing at 9:00 p.m. with all winners for the evening being recognized. It is not mandatory to attend the presentations on a non-sposored night. Sponsor Nights: Occasionally, the golf club has sponsored nights and those will be posted in the Pro Shop or by the first tee. Players must be present to win Sponsor Prizes - all other Non-Sponsor prizes will be kept in the Pro Shop to be picked up on a later date. If you are unable to attend, please arrange for someone to pick-up your prize. Winners of any draws that occur throughout the evening must be in attendance to receive the prize. The results will be posted the following day in the clubhouse.


Each player will be given half of his handicap in points to start with. A 17 handicap would begin with 8 1/2 points.

Then, points will be allocated by the Stableford System:

More than one over par
One over par
One under par
Two under par
Three under par
Four under par


The individual which accumulates the most Men's Day Points (1/2 handicap + all Stableford Points) in each flight will win their flight respectively.

Ties for all prizes will be broken using the following format. An outright winner between two players with the same point totals will be determine by the individual who has the lowest handicap. If the players are still tied then the player with the lowest nine hole gross score will win. Lastly, if a tie still exists retrogression will be applied to break the tie. The player with the lowest score after 8 holes, then 7 holes, then 6 holes, etc. will determine an outright winner.

To help in the establishment of tournament handicaps, scores from Men's Day will be entered as a tournament scores when entered for handicap purposes. Competitors that do not finish a hole will count a maximum of 9 for that hole.

SPECIAL NOTE: If a player wins the longest drive or closest to the hole competition and finishes 1st or 2nd in his respective flight, the player will receive both prizes. Prizes are usually in the form of Gift Certificates. Tokens are also awarded for finishing in the top third of each class, excluding Gift Certificate winners. Tokens have a $3.00 value and may be used for club merchandise and services (may not be used for entering events).



Participation in the Team Game is optional; however, you must be playing in Men's Day to also play the Team Game. The entry fee for the Team Game is $2.00 or $6.00 to play in both the Honey Pot Game and the Team Game. Once the last participant for Men's Day goes out on the course the entire Men's Day field (including those not entered into the Team Game) will be divided in half by handicap. A blind draw will pair players from each half, which will form 2 person teams. The 2 player team that accumulates the most Men's Day points will win first prize. If there is a large field, second and third prizes may be distributed. Remember, the team that wins first place will divide the prize equally, provided that both are entered into the Team Game. If one person on the winning team did not enter the game, the entire prize will be given to the other person. Ties mean dividing the prize money equally.


Men's Day Points
Total Team Points

Jack Nicklaus

Greg Norman
Fred Couples
David Duval


Curtis Strange


Davis Love III
Fred Funk
John Daly



An award will be presented to the individual in each flight who has accumulated the most Men's Day points using their best 10 rounds out of a possible 20 Men's Day competition rounds. All players participating in the Men's Day competitions throughout the summer are automatically registered after participation in 1 Men's Day. The award is presented on the Final Men's Day of the Season.

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